Persuasive Essay On Mass Shootings

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Mass Shootings in the U.S.
Three hundred forty six mass shootings occured in the United States last year. It is now February and thirty mass shootings have already occured. Seventeen of these being on school campuses. These numbers have significantly increased since the 2000’s. Harvard School of Public Health showed that about every sixty four days, a public attack occurs. There is a constant cycle that goes on. First, a mass shooting transpires. News channels flood to the scene. We send our thoughts and prayers to those who our suffering. People head to social media to voice their opinions. People argue what is right and what is wrong. As time passes, people forget. Congress forgets and focuses on more “important” issues like immigrants, funding roads, or splitting taxes. And suddenly, we see that another mass shooting has occurred. This cycle has repeated over and over again. But after the Florida shooting on February 14, 2018, young adults are saying enough is enough. Las Vegas, Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook. These are just a few of
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For one, many lives are lost. And secondly, they involve guns. This brings us to the question, how do we stop this? After looking at many sources it became clear several steps should be taken. First of all, stricter gun laws are crucial to stopping these events. People living in the United States should have to pass a written test along with an accuracy test. It should also be required in every state to have a waiting period to get a gun. This gives the government time to review mental health, talk to family members/co-workers, and check criminal records. Japan has had similar laws like these for forever. But with 270 million people owning, everyone will have to commit to completing the test and background check. For every month that someone doesn’t come in, they should be charged until they do so. If these steps are taken many lives could be
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