Disadvantages Of A Massage Chair

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A massage chair can put a significant dent in your wallet so being aware of what to look for can be a time-saver and can help you avoid any pain in the neck mistakes (couldn 't resist the pun). Everyone has his or her own set of criteria and price point in mind so this article will offer some pointers to be aware of when choosing the best massaging chair for you.

Consideration 1 - How much room do I have?

Let 's be realistic. Massage chairs are not small purchases - they can be quite massive. The larger chairs, when in the reclined position, can occupy up to seven or eight feet in length which is how much room you 'll need to allow the chair to stretch out. That 's why you want to make sure that there 's enough space behind the chair without worrying about it
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Consideration 4 - Is the warranty a good one?

These massaging chairs have a lot of moving parts so you should definitely find a warranty that covers parts as well as labor.
Some common complaints include noise, so you should make sure there are no squeaks or squeals and that the warranty covers these issues as well.
You 'll also want to research whether they will service a faulty chair in a timely manner as some people have complained of wait times as long as 30 days.

Consideration 5 - Could a massaging chair be hazardous for me?

Although massaging chairs offer a number of health benefits, you will want to be aware of any risks to your health so I definitely urge you to check with your doctor to make sure you don 't stay on the massage chair for too long or misuse any of the features.

Well, there you have it. Once you 've set your budget, using some of the guidelines in this article, you should be ready to do some research and find the right chair for you. Happy shopping!

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