The Influence Of Mathematics

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Does Mathematics scare the wits outs of you? Do you struggle with the theorems and equations? Does the Maths anxiety grip you tight? Do you get the pre-exam jitters?
Most of the students would have a yes as an answer to these questions. But, that is not so, Mathematics can be easy and fun. It is a top-scoring subject in which you can score a perfect 100. Mathematics, if prepared well can raise your overall percentage in the exams. Instead of avoiding the subject, one should strive to master it.
Here are some tips on how to ace mathematics
1. Use NCERT Book - To score well in the exam you need to be well versed with the NCERT books first. These books are written according to the syllabus and cover the entire course well. The entire paper
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Start early – Nobody wants to feel the exam time pressure. The time when the anxiety level is at the all-time high, time seems to fly and nothing goes in your brain. To spare yourself of such situation, you must start early. Starting early means you will have enough time to prepare and practice. You will never have to burn the midnight oil before the exams and cram everything in a short time.
6. Manage you time – Try to give time to practicing the subject on a daily basis. Set up a routine of half an hour or one hour to devote to the practice. Making a timetable is not enough; you need to follow it religiously for fruitful results. Never procrastinate and make sure that you complete the decided work on time.
7. Prioritize the work – Some topics may seem difficult while others seem to be a cake walk. Give priority to the ones which you find to be difficult. Being able to understand the problematic topics will boost your confidence. You can deal with the easy one afterwards as they will take less time.
8. Strategize – Prepare according to the weightage given to different topics. Lay more stress on the topics which carry more weightage. Solving the previous year papers or mock papers can give a clear insight about the pattern of the exams. Try to keep these in mind before you kick start your
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Avoid distractions. Once you have set a routine for studies try to avoid using mobiles phones and other gadgets which can be a source of distraction. Concentrate on what you are studying and you will see that you grasp it better.
11. Take breaks – Hard work is the key to success, but if you overburden yourself you will not understand anything. Take breaks in between your study routine and give your brain the much needed time to relax.
12. Previous Year papers – Previous year papers are a way to have an experience of the exams. Set a timer and solve the previous year papers in the stipulated time. This is how you get to know what time you should a lot to solving each question in order to finish the paper in time. Moreover solving the previous year papers give you the knowledge about the pattern of the exams and the weightage.
13. Ask for help. – If you do not understand a topic or a question do not hesitate in asking for help from a teacher or friend. Ask your teacher to explain the concept until you understand it clearly.
14. Good handwriting – If the handwriting is not legible, you may end up losing marks. Try to maintain a neat and tidy handwriting so that the one who is grading the exam can understand and read it clearly. While solving the previous year papers, try maintaining a good handwriting along with the
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