Persuasive Essay On Measles Vaccines

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The measles controversy started in 1998 after a fraudulent research paper in the medical journal was published. The paper contained studies stating colitis and autism is linked to the measles vaccine. After the initial publishing the amount of people getting the vaccine dropped from 92% in 1996 to 84% in 2002 (in the Uk). Within the first 5 months of 2006 there was reportedly 449 cases of measles, compared to 1998 where there was only 56 within the whole year. The measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though there is a safe and cost-effective vaccine available people are still believing these allegations are far more severe that the consequences of the measles. Which include: high fever, runny nose, a cough, red and runny eyes, after several days a rash forms on the face and neck that eventually reaches the hands and feet, which could to lead to death. For the People The collectivist…show more content…
i favor the collective ideas of a collective responsibility and how everyone is accountable as a group. This vaccine should be mandatory because it stops a life-threatening disease and if there is a way to stop an outbreak and stop kids from dying way too soon from a treatable virus i think we need to take action to ensure the safety of the nation. i know that still many people are hung up on the idea that the vaccination can cause autism,however this is still not the case. future generations need to be protected and to make sure this is possible everyone needs to protect their child. however, an exception i will make is if someone is heavily religous they may choose to not vaccinate their childern, this is because people still have freedom of religon protected by Cabdas charter of rights of freedoms, but if there is still to many deaths among candaians rules may need to more strict for the saftly of
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