March Prison Case Study

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Latisha fisher had issues with drug and alcohol abuse in her past. She finally decided to get help and be treated for her paranoid schizophrenia, which she had been diagnosed with in early years. She lived in an apartment complex and had a baby named Gaverial who was now one years old. The doctors thought that Mrs. Fisher was really improving. First her neighbor started to notice the sudden change that took a turn for the worst. Mrs. Fisher, a lady who once adored her son, and never took her eyes off him, was now leaving him home alone for hours on end, while she would go shopping. Her neighbor would catch Gaverial roaming the hallways in no clothes and playing with dirt on the ground, and Fisher would act like she did not see anything. March…show more content… makes it apparent that 70,000 prisoners are sexually abused every year. Now imagine that you have paranoid schizophrenia disorder, and you think the whole world is against you and wants something from you but at the same time you hear voices and you see people who aren't real. You hear voices from the deepest and darkest part of your mind, that know every thought that goes through your mind and all your weaknesses, and continually us those against you to break you down, and slowly take you over. You then commit a crime because these so called “voices” tell you too much like Mrs. Fisher. You are then thrown into prison with a sell mate who has a history of of being sexually abusive. Not only do you feel like he is constantly watching you, but you cannot even tell the difference between your thoughts and reality. You are then raped and told by cellmate, who is aware of your disorder, that it never happened and you imagined it all. This happens repeatedly every year and nothing is done about it because the people working these prisons believe that the prison mates being “taken advantage of” are just insane. These criminals then become a bigger threat to society than ever before due to the PTSD they have developed from their experiences. Now, you take a person with depression. They are in a cell all alone because they were put into isolation. Their depression will now increase due to even…show more content…
Even though mental hospitals are overpopulated, prisons do not have the proper material needed to help the the disordered criminals. There are way more benefits of sending a criminal to a hospital rather than prison. It has been proven that many mentally ill criminals are negatively affected and have a higher chance of reoffending by being sent to prison. Our crime rates are increasing dramatically due to the amount of people who are committing crimes because they are mentally unstable. These rates will continue to increase if these people are not given the proper help needed. Though Mrs. Fisher was guilty of killing her child, she saw no wrong with it since she was told by voices to do it, by not getting her help she needs, she will continue to think for the rest of her life that it was okay for her to kill her
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