21st Century Cures Act

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Mental health is a big problem in the United States and their needs to be programs and organizations to help the mentally ill. Society has turned a blind eye to the mentally ill and do not care for them that much, which makes the mentally ill feel unwanted. Mentally ill people need outlets that act like family to them so that they feel wanted. Although the 21st Century Cures Act, was passed to help mental ill people it has not done enough. We need to have more programs and facilities to help mentally ill people and educate the schools and the public about mental illness. We also need to monitor and check in with the mental ill to see if they are going down the wrong path or right path in life. The government is not creating facilities and …show more content…

There needs to be more of a effort to check in with mentally ill people. Nikolas Cruz, a nineteen year boy old that suffered from autism, depression, and lots of others mental health issues, killed 17 students at Stoneman Douglas High School. Both of his parents died and he had no other family members to turn to. When his parents passed away, he lived with his friends parents. He got kicked out of Stoneman Douglas High School and was working at the dollar store. He had no friends and he had no one that cared about him. He had posted pictures of guns and died animals on his social media platform and also said he wanted to be a professional school shooter on youtube. He also had got in violent altercations with lots of people. All the things he did was a cry for help but nobody knew how to deal with him and how to help him. If someone had checked in on Nicklas Cruz then he would not commit the violent act that he did committed. All mentally ill people that have caused mass shootings do this because they did not have someone looking after them. There parents were not looking after them and neither was their friends. There should be programs that monitor and provide help to the mentally ill people so that they do not become violent

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