Argumentative Essay: Gun-Related School Violence

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"How do we allow a gunman to come into our children 's school? How do they get through security? What security is there?" Those are the words of Lori Alhadeff, who lost her daughter, Alyssa, in the Florida school shooting on the 14th. Lori is correct, what security is there? Since 2012, 57 students in the United States have died from gun-related school violence issues. Since 2012, 0 students in Australia, 4 students in Canada, and 2 in Mexico have died from gun-related school violence issues. As proven by research, the U.S. has serious school violence numbers. Mentor High School is a mixing pot of a new generation wanting to change this violence. School should always be a safe place and with administrator and board approval, Mentor High could…show more content…
The guards would be cheaper than the metal detectors; but, the metal detectors are a one time cost while the guards would need recurring paychecks. The district would most likely cover the paychecks of the police officers; but, extra money would still be needed. To raise money for the armed guards, the student officers, and other volunteer students, should hold a district-wide bake sale. The bake sale would work like a travelling bake sale, going from school to school and PTSA members and other mentor students/parents would bake the goods. The bake sale would start at the elementary schools during their book fair events/concerts, then go to the middle schools during the same time to draw the biggest crowd and make the most money. The bake sale would require a fee of $2 to ensure money be brought in, but buyers would be encouraged to donate more to the safety of our students. Another way to raise money to pay guards and buy metal detectors would be to have a competition by grade level to see what grade level can raise the most money by the end of four months or so. The grade level that raised the most money at the end of the designated time constraint would get a prize like a later start Monday that week where they do not attend 1-2 the following week. The prize would have to be something all the students would want to acquire and work towards. **I surveyed 45 freshman at Mentor and /45 said they are for stricter school protection. If the cause is something students are interested in, as they are, they will work for not only the prize, but the cause as well.** If the school and district are serious about protecting our students, setting up fundraisers and events will not be a hassle and be worth it in the long run. Schools should be the one place that kids can feel safe, protected, and free from harm. But, unfortunately, the

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