Persuasive Essay On Methadone

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Shokran for updating us on your situation with your mother-in-law. It sounds as if she is continuing to overstep boundaries and has not calmed down with her insensitive remarks. The comment about the medication being being methadone is certainly a strange way to try to be humorous. I think at that point sister I would have also been shocked and ask her why would she say that. Often times people have strange senses of humor, depending on the lives they have lived, experiences they went through and how they were raised as well. For example, if one grew up with a neighbor or family member who took methadone it sadly might become a joke once the person is clean. While it is not funny at all and is in fact very harmful and hurtful, people often say these things as a reaction formation to cover up the painful memories or thoughts they may have. Yes it is often difficult to know when to say something especially when things said aren 't outright haram, such as the methadone comment; and especially when they are in-laws! I would at that point sister question her motives for saying that. I mean, why would she pick methadone? Why not joke and say a gummy bear or vitamin or something else? But no, she chose methadone and for her own personal reasons. I would wonder if she had a methadone problem somewhere in her past or someone she may have loved had an issue with drugs. I don 't know. But I do know people say and chose certain words either consciously or subconsciously

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