Persuasive Essay On Mexican Immigrants

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In the late 1990’s, my uncle held a construction job alongside several undocumented Mexican immigrants in Southern California. For approximately a year, each worker performed the same tasks on the various construction sites for the same hours each week. Eventually, during a conversation with his colleagues, he discovered that those that were undocumented regularly received significantly less pay than he did; worse than just this alone, they were being severely underpaid, sometimes receiving less than minimum wage. Recognizing the unfairness of the issue, he spoke up to his coworkers and friends, explaining that while he understood the immigrants’ need to hold a job, they should never work for less than their worth. Conveniently, just under two weeks after the conversation, my uncle was fired. He was the only one to speak to the immigrants about the need for equal pay, and he was the only one fired at this time. While this experience caused a great inconvenience, my uncle was able to quickly move on and find another well paying job to work; however, the undocumented Mexican immigrants that he previously worked alongside did not have that same luxury, and to this day, other immigrants still do not. In the midst of unfair and unequal treatment for the many quality services provided, Mexican immigrants, especially those undocumented, do not have the ability to speak up and change something without risking their status or safety. The American people should be speaking up for

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