Persuasive Essay On Minecraft

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What is your name?
Victor Vidjeskog
What is your minecraft IGN?
How old are you?
I turn 13 6th September c:
What is your timezone?
Where do you live?
How did you reach our server?
I 'm Not sure, I think i found it on a server list (I was searvhing for a Prison server to play on)
How long have you played minecraft for?
I have played Minecraft for about 1 year and 2 months
What staff platform do you mostly fit in?
I think i would fit any position really, but i myself would just want to start as Mod (or one of the lower ranks) and work my way up
Main Section
Why do you want to join the police force on the server?
I want to become a Mod because I am good spirited guy who loves Minecraft and loves playing on IPunchCraft. I would like to help this server to its better being and help players and make them happy as well as under control. I will try my best and hardest to keep spammers, hackers, player issues, advertisers, and many other server problem makers under control as I will not take sides I will always give others all the priority.
What will make us choose you rather than anyone out there?
I think I should be chosen because I would like to help this community grow. I know there are many new staff recently but I hope my skill sets and maturity can prove my worthiness. I am very good at settling disputes, and ensuring both people/ groups walk away with a fair negotiation or justice. I can keep calm under angering and frustrating situations, and deal with the
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