Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Crazy Wage Mike Durant once said, “Making it more expensive to create new jobs is a perfect way to guarantee fewer of them.” The recent, “Raise the Wage” campaigns have sparked an interest in many low-wage workers, however those who support this initiative are unaware of the economic problems that will arise if this is successful. Several cities have already raised their minimum wages and some, like Seattle, are raising it as high as $15 per hour. Currently, supporters of this campaign argue that this raise should be implemented federally. However, doing so will have broad and negative financial implications. Ever since the Great Depression, the minimum wage has been in effect — in order to reduce poverty and solidify that employees are paid a reasonable sum. Although the minimum wage can be beneficial and advantageous for individuals and to our economy as a whole, it can also be detrimental to our nation’s finances. The federal government should not allow this to pass, but rather they should increase the citizens’ knowledge of the pernicious consequences and complications that will arise with a higher minimum wage, especially one as high as $15 per hour. Some of the resulting conflicts that will occur if this possible raise in the federal minimum wage takes effect are: job loss, business failure, higher consumer prices, and a lower demand for uneducated employees. Although it may appear as if increasing the federal minimum wage will help to lift families out of poverty, in
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