Persuasive Essay On Mmo In High School

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Imagine you 're a new player in a new MMO. There are millions of players all competing to beat that final boss battle and finish the game. Though you 're new, you know the basics: get the XP, level up, get new mentors and skills, and beat the last boss. As you start your journey through the levels, you notice the game is broken. Different players have XP boosts, making their climb to the top easier than yours. The other players have different skills than yours, more powerful in battle giving them the advantage. Your mentor isn 't teaching you what you need to know and you 're stuck at level 9. This game may seem extremely one-sided, but it happens everyday. It 's not a new MMO game, it 's our education system. We live in a…show more content…
Education starts and ends in school, learning is forever. This simple difference is the the reason why learning is so vital in our lives. My education started in kindergarten and I was schooled on how to write, read, and other essential skills for life. But as I went through middle school and high school, my education was doing nothing for my life. Schools don 't teach students how to do taxes or fix a car, but students must know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. If we could learn these meaningful skills, we could advance faster and farther in life. In Wendell Berry 's speech to new graduates he emphasizes the fact that there is a lack of learning within our society. His entire speech focuses solely on the fact that our education is not preparing us for the real world. He says that the planet is being polluted and destroyed, yet we haven 't learned how to help the earth, so we just watch it being damaged. If the school system just realized that it 's not providing the proper learning students need, they could change the varying courses offered. This would guarantee the future is successful not only in the students ' lives, but also in the future of society. While learning and education are similar, they are very much
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