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For the last couple of years, Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey have been the main focus of the sport of motocross/supercross competing, and having won the same titles back to back. Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey have raced the same circuits, and won many of the same accomplishments, but is that it? In the sport of Motocross, things are always changing, people are getting hurt, signing contracts or the next new racer. The two riders have raced together many years, and many more to come, hopefully. The energy between the two riders is almost like nothing seen before.
The two riders came from vastly different parts of the world. Ken Roczen was a family with money to spend, and started racing by the time he was three years old. He started winning races at a very young age, and was considered a child prodigy in racing in the European Circuits. Soon by the age of 11 he was traveling back and forth to the United States,
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He was raised in a family that did not have much money to spare, or spend on traveling around the United States. “Once the season progressed, and we started getting good at racing, it was already time to put the bikes up, and wait for the next season.” Says Ryan Dungey. But that never stopped him; Ryan Dungey eventually started getting better as he moved up on bikes, and classes. By the age of 16 he managed to get a chance to sign a pro contract, and get paid to race full time. Ryan Dungey was and still is, known as one of the hardest working racers there is out there today. Roczen and Dungey have competitively raced together for years now; they have even had signed to the same team Red Bull KTM for 2 short years before Roczen left and signed with RCH Suzuki. The main rivalry between Roczen and Dungey is through Monster Energy Supercross. During the years of riding 250 Ken Roczen won the 250 West Coast series, while Dungey immediately after won the 250 East Coast
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