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- Motorcycle safety

Suggested title: Motorcycle Safety Not Just Important in May!
Suggested title: Motorcycle crashes and fatalities continue to rise in the US!
Suggested title: Motorcyclists still in danger on American Roads!

In 2014, nearly 90,000 motorcyclists were injured in road accidents. Although there was a decrease of almost 15% in crashes involving motorcycles, the fatality rate among motorcyclists remains a cause for concern. So, one thing is for sure-motorcycle safety awareness has to be turned into a year round initiative, instead of limiting it to just the month of May.

Motorcyclists are at a distinct disadvantage when on the road; they have smaller vehicles with lower stability and are more vulnerable to road conditions and inclement weather. To compound their
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• Motorcycles account for just 3% of the vehicles on American roads, yet motorcyclists account for 18% of all passenger fatalities.
• Of the people killed in motorcycle accidents, 94% are riders and 6% were passengers.
• Motorcyclists are 26% more likely to die in road accidents than operators of other vehicles.
• In one third of all crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles, the drivers of the four wheeler automobiles are at fault.

Motorcyclists have an equal right to share the road with other vehicle operators. Hence, the safety of motorcycles is the responsibility of not only the riders but also the drivers of other automobiles. Unfortunately, for most motorists it can be harrowing to anticipate the moves of motorcyclists.

It is not that these drivers deliberately endanger the lives of motorcycle riders, it is just they often end up not seeing these relatively smaller vehicles. Also the fact that motorists are unaware of motorcycle riding practices such as weaving and downshifting makes it hard for them to respond to the maneuvers of motorcycle

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