Persuasive Essay On Mount Everest

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Everyone has dreams, some people dream of having a beautiful family. Others might dream of meeting their favorite celebrity, but there are people who dream of climbing to the top of the world. Mount Everest, I guarantee you have heard of this cold beauty. Mount Everest is a mountain that is 29,029ft high. The most ambitious mountaineers aspire to climb the highest mountain in the world, but many people who go to climb Everest don’t come back. In total over 290 people have died on Everest, one of the most fatal years on Everest was 1996 in which 15 people died. In the course of two days, eight people were dead and multiple more were injured. Imagine being offered a chance to achieve your dreams would you take the risk and do it. Many mountaineers took that risk in 1996. Five main expeditions were on the mountain together. These expeditions were Mountain Madness lead by Scott Fisher, Adventure Consultants lead by Rob Hall, The Imax expedition, Taiwanese expedition lead by Makalu Gau, and the South African expedition. On the day of May, 10th 1996 three of these expeditions started the summit push, these expeditions were the adventure consultants, mountain madness, and the Taiwanese expedition. The day had started out nice, the skies were clear and the climbers were ready and excited. Once the groups had started climbing the noticed the people who were supposed to set up the ropes had not, therefore, it would take some time to set up the ropes, this meant people would have to
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