Persuasive Essay On National Anthem

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Sharp-1 The national anthem was written in 1814 after the United States gained freedom. It resembles honor and trust into our American soldiers. Recently, NFL players have disrespected it in more than one way. They have been kneeling while it is sung and locking arms instead of placing your right hand over your heart. This doesn’t sit well with all Americans. Kneeling and locking arms during the national anthem is uncivil and should not be tolerated because it disrespects soldiers, is rude to American citizens and shows younger generations it is okay when it is not. Soldiers are the reason we are free. If we was not free these NFL players would not be playing football and getting payed millions of dollars to do it. They go out everyday and fight for our freedom. Many soldiers lives are lost everyday in war. Saying the star spangled banner is respect towards them. American citizens are suppose to be thankful for what they do everyday. Most NFL players are payed millions just to sit on a bench. How do you think they get payed? We are free and can pay them because of our soldiers.…show more content…
In America you respect America. You are not forced to be here. So if you are not happy with the things we do then you can leave. A large part of the reason people are protesting it is for equality for colored people. This is not an argumentative statement because blacks can do the exact same things whites can. This is just an excuse. They are also doing this because Donald trump is president. The president has nothing to do with the anthem. The star spangled banner represents our soldiers and Freedom. Also this is an excuse. Many American citizens are angered by this. It is stated that 44 percent of African Americans believe you should stand during the national anthem the other 64 percent don’t care to stand. This is a
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