Persuasive Essay On Native American Education

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Tribal schools on the Native American reservations across the country should receive the proper funding to teach and educate the people. It’s the best thing the American government can do to a race of people who have had everything taken from them over the years from language to culture and the lives there people. The native american tribes that are around the states are lowest funded as well as low performing on academics which causes the student to feel depressed about their academic rating. Quality of life is different from the country as a whole and is considered to be one of the most poverd people. Students who leave home in pursuit of a better education in their entire career than the ones back home, are more likely going to be home sick. Students who underachieve are most likely to have trouble in school work and are most likely not that motivated to do work in the classroom.
Native American people are a very independent people who like to get things done on there own, but in the need of assistance or refuge they can depend on other tribes to help fight for what they want. Therefore having them get financial assistance from the government is a great to help rebuild and modernise the schools. A
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If the American government funds the tribes across the country it will increase the enrollment in schools by investing in new material, hiring teachers but will teach in the other subjects as well as after school programs. Taxation will only happen if more jobs are created to grow the Native American lifestyle. Therefore, schools need to keep students interested in their studies and also create more of a welcoming environment of their homes to feel like they never left. This is why Native Americans value learning because our societies thoughts and ideas are changing at a constant rate, and affects the way education is taught in the
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