Persuasive Essay On Natural Hair

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Before starting your natural hair journey, there are going to be certain products you need in order to maintain your hair.
Also, because you 're going natural; there are also some products you can now get rid of.
Keep in mind that some of these products may work for you, and some may not.
It 's up to you to try and see what works best for your hair type.
Upon trying different products, you 'll find what works best for you. And who knows? You may hit a gold mine as far as what products treats your hair the way you want it.
You only want natural products that don 't contain sulfate and other harmful chemicals that can strip your hair.
Going natural means using natural products… for the most part. But some products that aren 't completely natural
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When I do shampoo, I use are pretty much the same for the conditioners, except I haven 't tried olive oil as a shampoo because it 's not a cleanser, it’s a moisturizer.
So I use Burts Bees and Herbal Essences.
They both get your hair clean. I don 't think one is better than the other.
But I know Burt 's Bees has more natural ingredients.
So if I had to go with one I would definitely choose Burt 's Bees.
Deep Conditioner
You 're going to want to pick up a deep conditioner for when you do your deep conditions. The one I use is called Shea Moisture: Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner.
It contains sea kelp and argan oil.
Shea Moisture has a pretty decent line for black women. I recently started trying their products and I have realized more moisture in my hair.
The thing I like about this deep conditioner is that it 's both a leave in a washout.
Two products in one!
Deep conditioners will keep your hair from drying out and it helps repair any breakage. Twisting Creams
As I mentioned earlier the best styles to start off with are twists or a curly fro; if at all applicable.
Unless your hair is super magic and will stay in twists by itself, you 're going to need a twisting cream.
Some women have reported that they don 't need a

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