Persuasive Essay On Nature Vs Nurture

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Do you ever wonder how you act the way you do? Nature vs. nurture is a discussion about whether genetics or parenting have a bigger impact on your personality. Both nature and nurture are important in how you act. Identical twins have many differences. There are many ways nurture can affect a kid 's personality. Studies show that nurture is more responsible for the way you act. Nurture dictates how you respond to others. It is true that many identical twins are a lot alike, but people don’t notice the differences between them. For example, the Jim twins were a lot alike, but I think that is just a coincidence. Anais and Sam both had the same laugh, but they also had different jobs. It is true that some things about my personality have remained the same, but I have learned how to make the right choices from my family. Studies show that genetic disorders may never be lost, but there is medication that will help that. It is true that bipolar is a genetic disorder, but good environment…show more content…
Studies show that nurture has a bigger impact than nature. A feral child is a kid who has lived away from human contact, and she/he has little experience of being taught stuff. Studies show that feral children are not as smart, and they are “babies” when they are found. A girl named Jeanie was found when she was 13. When they found her, she acted like a baby. She had been beaten and had not been taught anything. She could only speak a few words and do little actions. A girl had been raised by dogs her whole life. When she was found, she acted like a dog. The dogs had taught her how to act. Nurture can change how you act, and the way you look at things. Nurture has a bigger role in personality than nature. I still have to consider that they both have a role in personality. Many identical twins are different. Personality can change from when you were born. Studies show that nurture is more responsible for personality. When you have your own family, think about this
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