Argumentative Essay On Net Neutrality

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Dear Federal Communications Commission (FCC),
Every day, approximately seventy-five percent of Americans use the Internet. They have access to all the information the Internet can offer, but what if that changed? What if your favorite television show’s resolution was to poor to even watch? What if it took hours to load your favorite website? This is the reality of Internet in the United States without net neutrality. Net neutrality is the idea that all Internet Service Providers (ISP) have to offer the same services and information as every other ISP. Although many people believe net neutrality should be revoked, net neutrality is clearly the best course of action because it offers fair and equal internet access and protects new businesses.

The first reason that net neutrality is a positive regulation to have in the United States is that net neutrality provides viewers with a fair and equal online experience. First of all, net neutrality protects consumers from having blocked content that is determined by their ISP. A good example of ISPs blocking or favoring content is, “Comcast can slow down the Internet speed of services like Netflix in favor of giving faster streaming speeds for NBC shows like ‘This is Us’ on Hulu. In other words, ISPs can pick and choose what services to put on the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ Internet lanes. This will affect the way people navigate the Internet” (Source 1 ,1). Net neutrality
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Net neutrality provides equal Internet access and keeps online adventures fair, and it protects the small, startup businesses that could grow into very successful businesses. Removing net neutrality will make the Internet a nightmare waiting to happen because the internet will be hard to navigate and use. It can cause riots, protests, and angry citizens. Please keep net neutrality for the happiness and wellbeing of the citizens of the United States.
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