Net Neutrality Case Study

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In 2013 congress had not done anything with net neutrality, but the federal communication commission (FCC) had started to look at it in 2010. Then, FCC had issued the net neutrality rules. The net neutrality has rules that will preserve the internet as an open network enabling consumers choice, freedom of expression, user control, and the freedom to innovate (1f). Net net neutrality is basically going to have the internet as an open the internet and to have unrestricted access to content and services, and that the IPS will have to treat all internet the same. First of all, net neutrality must be repealed becauseXXXXX “it would essentially take the FCC out of the equation when it comes to policing the smooth running of the internet” (2c). The…show more content…
“ that means fewer competitors in the industry which is bad for customers” (5h). if there is no competition, companies will not be making more money than another and that leaves no choices for the customer, for the better deals. When there is deals and good service then more people will go to your store and the other store will have to compete and that will keep it fair. The next reason net neutrality must be repealed is because businesses must have competition. That competitive market is necessary for customers to have the best service with affordable prices. Competition is what business is all about. When you have competition that is good for business and for the customers. It is good for the business because whoever has the best prices gets the most customers, which makes the most money, which is why they are successful. And that is the reason why it is good for the customer also. It is good for the customers because we get the best prices! We get to have that choice of what store/ site we want to go to. Which has the best prices and service. When businesses compete they can be more successful than other businesses, and that is what business is all about. “ scrapping net neutrality would allow companies like at&t and verizon to charge the big companies the true cost of doing business with
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