The Pros And Cons Of Network Neutrality

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One of the first hits, when network neutrality is searched, are websites who want to save network neutrality and present who are for and especially who are against. Network neutrality seems to be a hot topic all over the world, with important players involved like the big telecom companies on the one hand and companies like Facebook, Netflix and Mozilla Firefox on the other hand. Network neutrality can be seen as a non-discrimination act against any website, content or application on the Internet. Internet service providers (ISP’S) are not allowed to discriminate; therefor every end user has equal access to all available information and applications, access to an open and free Internet. In the present day the Internet is a huge part…show more content…
It means that they could block data that would not live up to their freedom of speech standards. Non-profit organization DemandProgress responded in the following way: Comcast and other opponents of network neutrality claim that under the First Amendment they can discriminate the speech of the Internet’s…show more content…
Defenders of net neutrality argue that when there would be no network neutrality several problems would arise, with the main issue discrimination of content and the breach of freedom of speech. First ISP’s could prefer the content and applications of one business over another business. It may block the content altogether or make consumers pay to access the content. Furthermore it may slow some websites down who burden the channel capacity, websites like Netflix could be slowed down and therefor will not be able to provide proper service to its customers. There also can be noted that with the equal access to the Internet innovation was possible, no matter if the start-up was a big or a small company, everybody had access. Websites and applications like Facebook, YouTube or Flickr could start up because of the free and open Internet; no help of ISP’s was involved. The last remark can be made by drawing a parallel to the telecom market, the telephone sector, here companies are not allowed to discriminate so why should they be able to do so on the internet. Overall there can be noted that when net neutrality falls out, equal access on the receiving and sending part of speech is shut

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