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Bumpy road….not smooth, born small, smelling smoke, didn’t have any idea, bad things, don’t know what to do, sobbing, drugs everywhere, drug addiction...this is what Nevelle Denhams brother had to go through! This was in 2010, when her brother was changed over to her family. He was born as a child with stuff on his body because his mother was a drug addictive! So when Nev’s brother was 3 hours old his real matron had taken him from foster care to help him. He needed help instantly because he was just born! Anthony is his name. Well, when his matron was pregnant she didn’t want to have him right there so when he was born she sent him away. The matron had 2 other kids named Paige and Michael, and they were sent right away to foster care too! Anthony’s matron was an alcoholic. Anthony’s real matron had fought so much for her rights to keep him, but she didn’t win because of her smoking and drug additives. So every time she had Anthony over to visit, she was starting smoking or doing drugs. She would also give him a lot of food, he was a small kid because his matron had used drug abuse, so the made Anthony throw up all the time, after he had been fed too much food! So she would give him a lot of food, so he…show more content…
So at quatre years old they finally had confirmed and earned to keep Anthony!! This would have been a rough time for their family and the abusive drug matron! Please keep your kids! Don’t give them to adoption care! This is so sad for me to even hear this story!!! Right now Nevelle’s brother, Anthony, is 6 years old! He is the cutest 6 year old boy! For someone like Anthony he earned through it very great…even though he was a little kid going through this! I will always remember when they sent the form all the way to California and not

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