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Newgate prison, a prison where human who caused trouble through debts, thief, and more goes there. It’s not only a prison, but a most unhealthy place in London 12th century. Humans have to pay for in and out of that horrible place also would have to pay for the use in the prison will be something that won 't be ever thought of since it was so horrible. Newgate prison, a place that’s unexpected from the inside,outside, and people inside.The way the people are treated even if they deserved it due to their decision. Newgate prison should not have continued more than 50 years because of the amount of death due to the environments out and inside. Due to lack of water, light, and diseases. From Daniel Defoe quote, “ The prison actually was an unhealthy place, which physicians partially refused to visit. It is said that people passing by the gaol held their noses and that some shopkeepers nearby had to close their stores for the summer, because of the incredible stench..”(Defoe 18)That proves even from the outside it’s morose due of its lack of sunlight and odor. From the inside view, so many bugs that can hear cracking of the ground, wall that has unpredictable things that are growing from, and lastly famed for its dark squalor, overcrowded, lice-ridden dungeons. Newgate…show more content…
Its squalor, diseases were spread quickly for its environment. During that 12th century era, there wasn 't any medicine that can cure them and of course the people in there will obviously let them die. Realizing and understanding people just let Newgate prison spoil into the worst of the worst. Death was publicly applied and people enjoyed it. From getting cut into piece, burn at state, hung and more that makes the prison, a place where people don’t even want to go near. Those threats or not even call threats make the environment from bad enough to a living hell in London,
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