Persuasive Essay On Not Working While In College

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Not Working While In College Working while going to college is something no one should go through. College is a job, in itself that requires a lot of work. People who do both tend to become more frustrated and stress-out. College is not just going to class, but also studying for hours outside the classroom and going to tutors. Working will take time away from studying for money that isn’t worth it. College is work for the future, it will secure someone’s income for a better life and help them get a good job and a career. Going to college and working will stress anybody out. College gives a lot of assignments, homework, and essays to do that aren’t easy. It will require a lot of time and sacrifice to get the assignments done right. It also…show more content…
People shouldn’t make life harder on themselves by going to college and working at the same time. They should just focus on their career that will secure them in the future. College will teach a lot of thing about life that are important to one’s success. College will teach someone how to make money the smart way to provide a better income for the future. Working won’t get you anywhere but just a paycheck every two weeks and people will get bored doing the same job and will regret not going to college. College is so much productive than having a job because is working for the future rather than a moment. At the end what matters is college and how far you came from what you’ve learned. So in the end, working while in college is something no one should do. People will get stress-out trying to balance all the work that they have to do. Is better to concentrate on a better future than in the moment. They won’t have enough time to focus on the class assignments and have a higher chance of failing. Failing college is one of the worst things that could happen to someone because that’s a lot of time and money wasted. It’s just so much better to focus only on school and not put yourself through so much, because college is work for a better job for the

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