Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Disarmament

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Nuclear disarmament is basically the act of reducing or completely eliminating nuclear weapons. Disarmament is not something that can be easily defined in a few words. Nuclear weapons are called weapons of mass destruction for a reason. They destroy everything in mass, they don 't aim. Nuclear weapons don 't pick and choose what gets wiped out and what doesn 't, they simply destroy everything.
Today there are approximately 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world. The majority are owned by the United States and Russia. Many of the nuclear weapons held around the world have hundreds of time more explosive power than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, which completely destroyed the city and killed 14,000 people.
Disarmament raises the question, 'should nuclear weapons be abolished? ' My answer is yes. The main reason is its potential for harm and destruction, given the fact that effects are disease and death. If a state nukes another, then the state bomb will explode, thereby be setting a chain reaction of explosion till nothing remains. Even if a nuclear weapon were never again exploded over a city, there are intolerable effects from the production, testing, and deployment of nuclear arsenals that are experienced as an ongoing personal and community catastrophe by many people around the globe.
The argument that only rogue nations would have nuclear weapons is completely invalid because why one thinks other nations are building nukes? Because the United States has
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