Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Energy

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Over the past half-decade, the world has known a near-exponential increase in the consumption fossil fuels. It plays a quintessential role in the proper functioning of the globe. However, over the past few years, oil reserves have been depleting at a quick rate. There will be a day when there will not be any fossil fuels left to assuage the energy needs of the world. There is currently a few alternative resources lined-up but the most promising for fossil fuels to pass the torch to seem to be nuclear energy. However, it remains to be seen whether nuclear energy is the answer to the world energy crisis. There are many reasons to consider nuclear energy over fossil fuel, Environmental issues being the biggest. Global warming is still in effect and is ever-increasing at a fast rate. Fossil Fuels are the prime source of greenhouse gases. According to Ferguson, (2007, p6-7), In order to diminish climate change, the world will need to use sources which do not emit greenhouse gases as well as are much more efficient. Nuclear energy will play a big role in this. Indeed, what Nuclear energy brings to the table is a relatively clean means of providing base-load electricity to the world, similar to fossil fuels while omitting the biggest drawback posed; the large volume of greenhouse gases being released to the environment. Nuclear energy also helps to combat against another common occurrence, namely acid rain. Acid rain occurs when Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides

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