Persuasive Essay On Nuclear Power Plant

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The topic of installing more nuclear power plants around our local area has been a conflict lately. I would like you, Mr. Governor Waffle, to consider building a nuclear power plant in the Enola area. As you know there are many people against building a new power plant, but many people for it, too. Just imagine, we would be providing so much more energy to so many more homes, buisnesses, and schools in our area. Nuclear energy is the thing to turn to if we want to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels we burn. Fossil fuels cause many different types of pollution in our local area and also in our country. Fossil fuels is one of the main culprits of causing acid rain. In this letter I will explain to you multiple benefits to relying on nuclear energy, while taking the negatives into account. Nuclear energy has low operating costs. While the initial cost to build the power plant is about nine billion dollars, the operating costs are relatively low. Some people argue that we could be spending that money on buying more renewable energy…show more content…
The only thing that is needed to be mined for is uranium. In fact, based on the yearly fuel consumption of todays nuclear power plants, we have enough uranium to last for about 80 years. It is possible that nuclear power plants can use other types of fuel, like Thorium, which is healthier for the environment. China and Russia have already made plans to start using this material.
In conclusion, I beleive that building a new nuclear power plant in Enola is the way to go. It will provide an abundant amount of energy, is safe for our environment, and is a reliable source of energy. Though there are still some down falls of nuclear energy, I think the positives out weigh the negatives. It is important to provide our township with the amount of energy needed, Mr. Governor Waffle. I hope you take the time to read this letter and take everything I said into consideration, and go
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