Disadvantages Of Nuclear Transmutation

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Nuclear fallout is an incredibly dangerous and prevalent stain on Earth, affecting all aspects of life. Fallout is the result of nuclear detonations or nuclear accidents and is an incredibly radioactive substance that is easily spread by wind currents (“Radioactive Fallout”). Radiation is incredibly dangerous to human life- it has been found that radiation of 400 rads can have a 50% mortality rate, with over 650 being unsurvivable (Lindop 18). This danger was fully revealed after the Chernobyl disaster, with the massive regional destruction that came after a nuclear reactor melted down. Photographs of the region show widespread decay and collapse as the area was rendered too dangerous for humans to live, due to the massive radiation leakage…show more content…
Nuclear transmutation is a budding technology that is used in some countries to hasten their geological storage methods. Nuclear transmutation is an interesting technology where energy is used to trigger the fission of nuclear byproducts in order to decrease their half lives. This allows for a much faster neutralization of radioactivity, which would decrease the risks associated with nuclear storage. This process can be very beneficial, as it decreases the long-term dangers associated with spent-fuel pools and prevents any leaks from providing lasting damage (Ravier). This is perhaps the most directly related solution to the claim, as it offers to solve the problem of the longevity of nuclear fallout and radiation with minimal risk. This does not mean it is not without drawbacks. While it has been proven to work, there are still difficulties in making a version that can handle large quantities of material regularly. Furthermore, this solution provides no way to gather fallout from across the world and to isolate it for transmutation. Ultimately, nuclear transmutation is perhaps the best solution at permanently neutralizing radioactive wastes and

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