Persuasive Essay On Nutrition And Health

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If you’ve ever tried to follow nutrition news, then you know that recommendations change all the time. Foods that were once labeled as good for you can, for example, can suddenly be red flagged, and the food you were taught to avoid can all of a sudden be good for you. With all these mixed reviews going around, sticking to a healthy diet plan can be really challenging, which make sense right? It will also make you question the advice you’re receiving from experts, who, like the weather, appear to be changing their views regularly.

So, why does this happen?

Well, there are a number of reasons for this. First, trying to conduct long-term studies on food and health is a lot harder than you think. Why? Well, because things found present in food today, can actually have a larger impact on the food quality later on down the road. Additionally, it’s practically impossible to monitor what individuals eat on the daily basis throughout the course of weeks, months and years. So proving that certain foods can either be beneficial or harmful to your body in a timely manner is also impossible. This is why health claims are made by experts without sufficient evidence to support their assumptions. But wait, don’t go rushing
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One pro, for instance, is having access to an endless amount of information just from a swipe of your finger. On the other hand, one con we’re all too familiar with (especially when trying to watch videos), is something called “click-bait” or spams. Although spams are one of those internet constants that we all must deal with, they’re also responsible for inaccurate information when it comes to dietary health advice or suggestions. Some online blogs and publications, for example, do a good job of sharing small studies with millions of viewers, which is what changes users perspective about certain vitamins and nutrients and causes much of the confusion

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