Persuasive Essay On Obamacare

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Healthcare is very important: It gives you insurance for accidents, injuries, births and deaths. It could help a person pay for their elderly relative getting sick; for a new driver getting into a car accident; or a new baby entering the world. Healthcare is a topic that is usually overlooked, especially by millennials; which is one of the reasons I chose this topic. With the topic of healthcare constantly popping up left and right (and changing) over the past few months, it’s very important now more than ever to stay educated about the constant healthcare bill changes, and definitely if you are old enough and have enough money to legally own and pay for healthcare. And though, ironically, my family doesn't own any of the following types of…show more content…
Since January 2011, when Republicans got control in the house, they have tried over fifty-four times to repeal, replace, or adjust the law. Ironically, though, this healthcare plan started as a Republican…show more content…
The ACA law had some very helpful things included in it, such as how Obamacare accepts everyone, pre-existing condition or not. Obamacare allows children to be included in their parents health insurance until they turn 26, and because of this over 5 million young people now are covered by health insurance. Obamacare has also helped the country out of the health care rut it seems that it's always been in - as of late 2013, only 12.3% of Americans were uninsured, out of over a total 315 million people. If it were to be repealed, over 32 million people would be without healthcare by 2026, a recent study shows. That could possibly mean thousands of preventable illnesses contracted, more contagious diseases spread, more work hours lost, and hundreds more

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