Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Child obesity is rapidly growing. Obesity is not only a problem in itself, but it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Children as young as 5 years of age can have diabetes, or a deadly disease. The risk of having an obese child, is at all time high; J Nat, the lead researcher at Science, Biology Medical school says” 22 million children under the age of 5 are obese, and one in ten children is overweight.” (1). Parents should attack this issue by controlling how much their child consumes, making sure the child(ern) exercises. To prevent obesity we must inform both the parents and the cafeteria workers about what is a healthy meal and what is not, exercise, and using apps such as make your plate!
Studies show that children who watch too much television and do not get enough exercise usually tend to be that obese children. Just 30 minutes of physical activity each day can not only result in weight loss, but it can make your child healthier. So, drop the remote control and grab that bicycle and go outside. Getting the heart to pump, is one of the healthiest ways to make sure that your child stays fit. Parent’s should be more aware of how much their child is sitting, because sitting down for a long time can cause problems such as obesity, diabetes and laziness. The heart association of America’s logo is “ something is better than nothing.” Getting out there and moving around, is a great way!
Another, great way to make sure your child is healthy and is
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