Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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Today over one-third or 36.5% of adults in America are obese ( ). Obesity is one of the leading cause of death in America. Obesity does not care what you look like because it affects adults of all ages. LIkewise, children from ages 7 to 17 today are becoming more and more obese which is only going to increase that 36.5% of adults with obesity. In this essay, I will discuss obesity, what it looks like, and how it affects the human body inside and out, and what can be done to combat obesity. Many people know that the best way to help prevent obesity is to eat health and work out regularly, but is that really the right way? Good ways to prevent obesity is to cut down on sugary foods and watch your calorie intake, also exercise regularly to which your body can take. Not many people know that one way to help with obesity is to if you live around obesity people is to get away from the temptation of everyone else and move from that area and go somewhere that has less temptation( ). Also helps to teach kids at a young age how to improved knowledge, attitudes, and norms regarding nutrition, weight, eating habits, and exercise the right way. To help prevent obesity in kids, its best to start somewhere easy like with the small things, snacks and drinks. Parents today like to reward their kids with food to make them behave or make them do things around the house, so to prevent it parents need to find better ways to stop their kids from becoming

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