Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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A problem in today’s youth that is a big factor is obesity. Obesity is a very crucial and complex situation. The reason behind America’s high obesity rate is because our kids are eating whatever they want, whenever they want without exercise. They learn that it is okay to eat unhealthy foods and large quantities of it while playing video games inside all day. At such a young age they think it is the right way to live and they carry on those traits to adulthood. Hence America’s obesity rate is skyrocketing. There are a few easy steps for parents and children to help the future of our youth’s health. Parents, reduce the amount of sweets your children have access to. Feed children food that taste great, and is healthy for them. Also make sure they get an hour or two of exercise a day. Do kids really know when to stop eating chocolate bars? First it is one, than two, than three. Before you know it, they are sick to their stomachs because of all the chocolate. Parents need control of these things. Do not let your kid eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These bad habits will carry on with them to adulthood and they will become a part of the statistics of obesity. Allow them to eat a piece of candy a day until they get used to it and it becomes a habit to eat healthy. The less candy they eat, the easier it will be to control their weight. This problem is real in today’s society and has meaning to our lives. People who eat less sweets and more healthy foods tend

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