Persuasive Essay On Off Campus Lunch

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Every school day, my friends and I starve all day. The lunches here at our school are so bad that a lot of us skip eating lunch. We would rather not eat then to eat nasty food. We are literally starving by the time we get home from school each day. This issue affects me because I don’t like others including me starve all day just because the school lunch is nasty. For this very reason, this is why I chose to have the option of allowing students to eat off campus lunch. First and foremost, the food at school is nasty and horrible. I can’t even say that the food is decent. I know that the food has to be healthy, but it would be nice if the food was more appetizing. For instance, the saimin is like eating noodles in plain hot water. The hamburgers are rubbery and has no flavor. The fries are baked and sometimes almost raw. I have even experienced being served expired milk! There were literally pieces of gunk in my milk. This happened in December and the milk expired in October. I pay $2.25 for a school lunch. In actuality I am…show more content…
Perhaps students would not come back to school and skip classes. Or maybe students would get into fights or shoplift in stores. One solution to this would be to have a certain criteria for students who deserve this privilege. According to “95% of the students use the privilige responsiblity.” For example, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, good behavior and no referrals to the office, If a student decides to abuse his privilege then the pass would be taken away. In conclusion, I think students at Kapolei Middle School should have the privilege to have off campus lunch. Students would be better learners and more focused in school because they are not hungry and got a chance to step outside of school. It would also help to increase students grades and behavior so that they could get an off campus lunch
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