Persuasive Essay On Off Campus Lunches

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Lunch from the Outside

Students skipping lunch because they rather not eat and lose their hygiene! Have you ever seen students walking by the cafeteria but they don’t eat. The subject I will be discussing is off-campus school lunch. The issue I chose is relevant because there will be a mall right next to our school(Kapolei Middle). The reason I chose to discuss this topic is students should be able to have the freedom of going off campus and be able to be trusted to do the right thing. I am a credible speaker because of how this issue affects me. This issue affects me because I’m a student myself and I’d like to go off campus for lunch instead of the cafeteria at our school. Wouldn’t it be great to have lunch somewhere else than school. It can be a great learning opportunity for us. Plus there's many benefits and we even learn
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We learn what happens in the real world, like we learn what our parents go through when holding cash and buying lunch somewhere other than school. According to Sammie Yee a reporter, the text states, “Having the opportunity to eat off-campus can teach students time management and discipline”. The evidence supports the reason it's a good learning opportunity because it teaches us students time management and discipline. Off-Campus lunch is a good learning opportunity and can have benefits. There are plenty of benefits to off-campus lunch. There's different varieties of restaurants. There’s places with food and drinks for just $1, if you don’t have as much money with you. According to Madison Hunter, the text states, “Administrators could save money for different things”. This evidence supports the reason their are plenty of benefits to off-campus lunch, it doesn’t just necessarily benefit the students, administrators, teachers and office people get benefited in this too. Off-Campus lunch has many benefits but their can be some opponents to it as
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