Persuasive Essay On Online Education

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Your alarm goes off in the morning, and you know what that means, time for school. You get up, and get ready, but wait. You don’t have to get ready. You just have to pull out your computer and get to work, because you take an online school. Online schooling gives students more options, and raises the performance level of students, which is why online education is an effective method and should continue to be used.
Firstly, online schooling provides more options for students. Using virtual learning, it gives students, specifically students who have trouble learning in a classroom environment, an alternate option to their learning experience. They work on their own schedule, and there are also more classes available that may not be available at public schools. Online classrooms help immensely because they “meet the needs of students who struggle to succeed in the conventional classroom setting”(Van Beek). Many can agree that it is easier to focus when they are by themselves with no distractions, whereas in a classroom, there is a more than likely chance that there will be that one student who can’t keep quiet. In the end, with its extra options for schooling, online education can help students focus better, as well as open more possibilities with its extra classes.
Secondly, studies have shown that online education raises performance levels of students. The Florida Taxwatch Center for Educational Performance and Accountability did an experiment where they took test results of
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