Persuasive Essay On Online Writing

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Online writing is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and efforts to earn for recognition but not just pennies instead. It’s a reward for those who have worked whole-heartedly. It’s a proven fact that people who have really worked for online writing have a more comfortable life, but of course not become the riches like Bill Gate. The wealth gathered here is a matter of time, not overnight of course, but over a period of time. It tends to be slowly in nature. Some really acquire good pay via online writing several years later. As in my case, from February 2008 up to now, I’m paid over 100 every month by Triond. I remembered that my first month income in June, 2007 was only $0.60.
Over time, your knowledge, experience and expertise will be rewarded. If you consider online-writing is pointless for you to gather your pennies, then I’d advise you to leave it. Probably, you should try other options to earn money online, a MLM concept based business, pay per click, auction sale or selling goods at eBay may be the most suitable option for you.
I’d had a chance to contact with some veteran and professional writers from other writing sites who were sincere enough to share their experiences with me. Most of them have been writing online for 6 years and more, and they said that they’ve made thousands
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I still need to improve my writing skill. Initially, I faced a lot of obstacles in online writing. English is not my native language. It’ll be easier for me to write in Chinese, Japanese than in English. In fact, I’ve had a problem with my English but luckily I’ve angels at Triond and my sisters, Judy Sheldon and BC Doan to guide me through. I took their advices and learnt from Kindergarten story books, to primary and up to intermediate level. My sisters said my English has improved a lot. You’ll see a difference between my articles written in 2008 and those written in
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