Persuasive Essay On Open Carry

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You are walking into a bank to go and deposit a check when a mysterious silhouetted with a hood over his face pushes past you. As he pushes past you, his shirt comes up and a striking gleam blinds you for a moment. But in a split-second, you understand what is happening. You could have done something, but you do not own a permit and you wished you would have stopped by that open carry permit store a few months ago. Nowadays, Americans are scared of any shadow that moves and will curl up in the fetal position until the threat is gone. And now, the scared Americans are trying to prohibit open carry permits, they are scared of terrorist attack threats because of recent events, and they cower from anyone who they see a gun on their person. What has America come to?

With the increase of danger with terrorists, robbing of stores and
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By having a self-defense weapon out in the public, there is a great chance that someone could gain access to that weapon. By buying a concealed carry permit, one not only terminates the problem of open carry issues, but it allows the gun owner to possess the weapon on their person, but it must stay hidden. Someone who is responsible and law-abiding would be able to carry their gun or self-defense weapon around using concealed carry. A very simple and easy technique to hiding a self-defense gun is to tuck the weapon under a piece of clothing. Even though it sounds useless and hidden under a piece of clothing, it can still be used to protect the carrier. All that one would need to do is lift up that clothing, put out the defense weapon, and use it and tell the police immediately. So, even though it is dangerous to keep a loaded weapon out in the open, there are ways to possess one out in public by hiding the weapon under
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