Persuasive Essay On Othello's Downfall

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The depth of a man 's soul are as deep as a bottomless ocean, on the surface a man may look calm, secure, and collected, but as you journey within, you may find wild emotions that have the potential to inflict massive harm. In the case of Othello, his upbringing as a discriminated man groomed him to cause the tragic events that are to be unfolded in this story and also answer the question: Did Othello truly morph, or did he just let out the inner Hyde that was already in him? Therefore, this analysis seeks to ascertain how a man who seemed to have it all ended up morphing into a monster. In the beginning of the story, Othello seemed to be a good man who stood up and was living a well-rounded life. Besides, having an important governmental…show more content…
One of his many flaws had to do with his temper. While attempting to find out why Cassio and Montano he fought, he angrily states that “Now, by heaven, my blood begins my safer guides to rule, and passion, having my best judgment collided.” During this argument, Othello demotes Cassio by telling him he is not going to be my officer anymore.” By abruptly demoting Cassio it is evident that Othello made brash decisions without thinking of the long term consequences. If Othello was intelligent to run an army, he would have been wise enough to give Cassio a chance to explain his side of story. If he is smart enough to create and strategize he should have had the mental wherewithal to notice that Cassio was drunk and was not in his right frame of mind. Lago also known as “Honest Lago” to Othello, he knew that while Othello could be hot tempered, he had a bond with Othello that could be used to manipulate his hot temper. As Lago therefor realizes that he has Othello’s trust, he begins to plant sinister thoughts into his mind and a scene where Lago’s deceit is evident occurs when Lago tells Othello, “Look into your wife, observe her well with Cassio.” Othello accepts Lago 's seeds of lust as fact; Lago attests to this when he states that, “I told him what I thought, and told no more than what he found himself was apt and true.” At the time when Othello realizes that he has been tricked he states that.“ I pray and…show more content…
When Lago was finally able to use Othello’s weaknesses to fill him with rage, he made Othello direct his beam of hatred directly at his former lover. Othello’s rage is noted when he calls his former love a “subtle whore.” Lago used Othello’s insecurities to control him like a puppeteer controls a marionette. Instead of being a slave to a master, he was a slave to his own manipulated emotions. By manipulating Othello’s weaknesses, Lago was able to convert Othello from a lover to a murderer. The irony about Othello is that he was strong enough to fight brutal battles of war but weak enough to be taken advantage of by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Finally, what eventually brought Othello to murder his wife may have been his longing for status and reputation. His for a good portion of his life, he was a lowly slave. He overcame many adversities to become finally a leader of an army. All of those terrible years of tension, pressure, war, racism, abuse, and now a supposed cheating wife, caused Othello to snap like a tree does under the pressure of a hurricane. There is only so much a man can take, and obviously by the events that unfolded, Othello reached that
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