Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation And Hunting

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For us hunters, hunting is a way of life. But for some people, they don't like the fact that killing animals for good purposes is ok. When we shoot or trap an animal, we do it for sport. We do it so we can keep the populations of the animals we harvest down to avoid spreading disease, costing farmers more money from loss of crops, deer/ car collisions (which would cause our insurance to go up), and overpopulation of specific animals. Here are some of the examples of overpopulation. Years ago, the coyote populations in the midwest were at an all time high which led to costing farmers outrageous amounts of money due to loss of livestock of chickens, lambs, and other small farm animals. Farmers would put a bounty on coyotes as to reduce the populations. The hunters and the trappers would sell the hides to make a profit then in turn fur buyers would use the hides to sell for clothes and craft. This was beneficial to both the farmer and the hunter as the farmer would save his livestock and the hunter would be able…show more content…
When deer overpopulate they start to spread disease amongst the herds. Then food sources would run down causing an economic loss. A very important factor in deer management would be to keep the young herd thriving by taking out the old bucks. This is an important role for bowhunters as we hunt during the rut (breeding season). It allows us to take out the older bigger bucks to allow the younger ones to grow and procreate. Some people think that our role in the ecosystem is just for fun and pointless. This is completely on the contrary as we provide herd management, meat for the less fortunate and leather for veterans and craft makers to make products such as gloves, apparel, and other goods. All while keeping herd management at bay. So, we actually play a very important role that others may not
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