Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation

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Overpopulation is a growing issue in the world, our world population is set to grow 3 billion in the next 50 years, we need to make a plan to help the overpopulating world. Areas such as Asia, India and Africa already suffer from overpopulation, which leads to a numerous amount of problems in such areas. Disease, Poverty and Homeless people are increasing and creating more problems that are not needed for most countries. There is a debate on whether there should be a “crowd control”, there is no need for this if we can create affordable and durable living environments for future people. There is a population overload in areas around the world with the simple fix of, spreading out.
Everyone in big cities: California, London, Florida, etc. are simply overpopulating because people prefer to be around other people. “Ninety-seven percent of our population lives on three percent of landmass.” (Jeff 3) There is a study that shows that our whole nation could live in all of Texas, it is a naive belief but further proves how our overpopulation problem can dissolve. There are places that have been made perfect for hundreds of thousands of people to live, but no one gets to take advantage of the land and build houses because of low income.
This is not simply a national issue it is a world issue, which creates the problem of cost. With it being a big project to achieve it would nullify the idea of overpopulation creating a problem. There is no other humane way to stop population growth

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