Persuasive Essay On Owning A Car

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Being a car owner is definitely something to be proud of. It shows that you are mature, have stable income and are free to get to any point on your own terms. But as the miles pass by, the car starts owning you, taking its toll on your time, money and nerves. As the days pass by, fixated on our daily routines, it is easy for us to overlook how our deadbeat vehicle is quietly turning from a convenience into a nuisance. The frequent trips to the repair shop, the piling bills marked as “car repair” and the growing embarrassment of showing up in an “old bag” of a car are quickly resulting in the nagging feeling that you are “just sick of it”. The stress from owning a high mileage vehicle lurks behind you from several corners. Time. The average car is made up of around 30 000 parts, each of which is susceptible to breakage. The more you drive your car, the more wear and tear builds up from vibrations, road conditions and overall aging, which results in more frequent visits to the repair shop. Each time you go there, you miss on work, quality time with your family and the freedom to use your car at your convenience. You paid for the thing, you should be able to use it whenever you want, right? Wrong! You know why? Because you have reached the point where the car owns you. Unless you have a handyman that works exclusively for you, the chance is that each shop visit costs you at least a couple of carless days. Sure, you might take your wife’s car, but it

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