The Pros And Cons Of Urban Housing

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Anyone who owns a house or who has thought of owning one knows the impediments and hairsplitting involved in it. For many it’s been a mirage till now to own a home. One can list down any number of reasons for it; be it not fitting into budget, the lower assessment, the hidden costs, not so nice feeling and so on. One thing for sure affordability is one of the fronts running reason in not owning a house. Many articles has been published worldwide clearly stating the affordability crisis in today’s world when it comes to urban housing. 50 years ago standard of living was also a major constrain in the urban housing. But now that has been almost eliminated or as can be said there are perfect examples for how to avoid the substandard living conditions. The low cost housing is still a major leap to be covered as the cost of material and cost of labor goes on increasing day by day, and thus owning a house is becoming more and more difficult especially for the middle class and the working class. Adding to the woes the recession and its aftermaths are still taking its tolls, however strong the denial is. Now is the time for a reality check – how to go for cost effective houses. Affordability issues have resulted in people looking for methods to build cheap houses. Google down the methods of…show more content…
Yet its champions could learn some lessons from the world of the self-builders. People the world over want homes which feel permanent. So containers will have to overcome the perception of being stop-gap, make-do dwellings if they are ever to become a popular solution to the housing crisis. Ship container architecture has picked up pace as people are reinventing a housing flair and enjoying it too. A shipping container home design is sure to make heads turn, for obvious reasons but there is more to it than just making people bump into walls because they weren’t watching the
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