Persuasive Essay On Owning A Motorcycle

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“I don’t understand why you won’t let me get a motorcycle,” I ferociously said towards my mother after every argument about me purchasing a motorcycle. Every week, at least twice a week, my mother and I would get into heated debates about whether or not I could purchase a motorcycle. Every argument would always began with me trying to convince her that motorcycles are not “death machines” and her concluding that if you are not a forty year old with a beer gut, you are not fit to ride. Her justification for not letting me buy a motorcycle made me so livid! The opinions most people come to believe about motorcyclists are false. These opinions of riders include: if you’re under twenty and you own a motorcycle you will end up killing yourself or that you must be a brute man to ride a Harley. As a high schooler that has saved every penny from their paychecks towards a motorcycle and is willing to pay for everything including the insurance, gas, the motorcycle itself, and the gear, I believe it is unfair of my parents to seize me from this opportunity. When looking at whether or not a high schooler should be allowed to own a motorcycle, maturity should be a factor that is considered. One of the main points I use to justify owning a motorcycle to my parents is my maturity. I have earned my parents respect over the last two years by working hard at both my school work and job, doing the right thing when no one was monitoring me, and listening to everything they say. While

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