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Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports currently in the world. Although to some it is considered almost obscure, or inappropriate because of the sport being referred to as a war game. Are you one of the millions of people who have experienced the adrenalin rush of running through streams of flying paintballs? If not perhaps your issue is with safety? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission ranks paintball as “safer than bowling.” Paintball is the number one sport I would recommend to anyone for a great day of fun, but beyond the fun of a weekend recreation at the local paintball field lies the tournament series of paintball. Played by professionals and aired on ESPN annually, it is on the fast track to becoming one of the most popular…show more content…
Most often asked is, why would you spend your hard earned money to be shot at? If you are one of the millions of players that participate in this sport annually, you are fully aware of the joys, and benefits of such a fun, adrenaline pumping activity. Paintball outings are booked by everyone from young teenagers celebrating a birthday, to software companies looking to get employees out of the office. The reason being, paintball relieves stress, and builds leadership, and teamwork. When hunkered behind a bunker, with paintballs being hurled at you, who better to rely on than your closest coworker? “Playing paintball can be good for more than just fun. The intense exercise gained from a session of paintball can improve sleep cycles and boost metabolism. Paintball is primarily a team sport with a goal. In order to win the game, one team should defeat other teams and fulfill the objective. Tense situations in the game often bring out the best in many players and boost their self-confidence. Paintball is becoming increasingly popular not because it aids weight loss or improves team building skills, but simply because it is so entertaining.” (Physical and Mental Benefits of Playing Paintball) Sports that promote a healthy lifestyle are much needed in this day and time, especially among young teens. The cardio and adrenaline boost experienced on just…show more content…
Most of the sports newest following can be credited to the media coverage of tournaments. Often hosted on popular sports broadcasting channels, such as ESPN.” Speedball is a team sport, and can be played recreationally or professionally, with games usually specifying teams of three, four, five, and seven. The game is characterized by a small symmetrical playing field, with obstacles (such as inflatable bunkers) placed in various configurations to challenge players, and various game times. The PSP, for example, has varying time limits depending on the division. Stealth and concealment is of little use on a speedball field; there is very little to blend in with. Success is dependent upon teamwork, aggressive movement, and constant communication. Players wear uniforms, similar to more traditional sports.” (Wikipedia) Compared to scenario play, speedball is far more advanced as far as the research put into products, new technology in the markers, and paintball specific uniforms, pads, masks, and other protective equipment.” Speedball paintball markers are designed to be small so they do not present a large target; in virtually all tournament rule sets, a player is eliminated if they, or anything they are wearing or holding including their marker, is hit. Tournaments also specify allowable firing modes and rates of fire. For instance, PSP league rules place a 10.2 bps (balls per second) limit or "cap" on rate of

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