Persuasive Essay On Pangolins

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Pangolins are nocturnal animals that are blanketed from head to toe in scales. They appear similar to armadillos, but are known as scaly anteaters, because of their diet. Pangolins are unique because when they become afraid, they curl up into a ball and use their tails to lash out at their enemies. They live in Asia and Africa. They often dig holes in the ground to sleep in during the day and come out at night to hunt for ants. Sometimes they make their homes in holes in trees. Most pangolins have a single offspring in their life cycle, and are very protective of their young. The mother will curl up around her baby at night or if she feels threatened. The baby starts eating ants at one month. The main predator of the pangolin is big…show more content…
If someone does not pay the fine or refuses to stop slaughtering the precious animals, they should be jailed. The governments should ban pangolin meat from being sold on the street or in restaurants. Also, people should raise money in awareness in order to build a wildlife preserve specifically for pangolins, until their numbers steadily rise once again. In order to start these regulations, it is necessary to start raising awareness for these adorable animals. We can do this by informing the public about the endangered animals all around the world and how their donations will benefit these animals. When we get donations, we should hire people in Asia and Africa to build and maintain a wildlife preserve for pangolins and other endangered animals. Then, we should invite the public to come learn more about them so they will see where their money is going, how it is benefiting the animals, and the people that have new jobs and oppertunities. The people in charge of the regulation should be the World Wildlife Fund. They are wildlife experts and would know exactly how to use the money to save the pangolins and other endangered

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