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Parachutes were invented about a century ago, but they continue to evolve, as inventors devise ever-better ways to improve their safety and handling. As indicated by the United States Parachuting Association, there are an expected 3 million jumps for every year, and the fatality count is 21 (for 2010). That is a 0.0007% possibility of dying from a skydive, contrasted with a 0.0167% shot of kicking the bucket in a fender bender (considering driving 10,000 miles). In layman 's terms, you are around 24 times more prone to pass on in a pile up than in a skydiving one. Rationale and aim: Extreme sports represent the most ferocious activities that challenge our natural human instincts. I have been very excited in seen people who practice these sports, but mainly fascinated by the one who falls from a Parachute. Parachutes are…show more content…
When this happens, the force of gravity acting on the parachute is balanced by an equal and opposite drag, which, results in a zero net on the parachute. Newton 's First Law of Motion says that when a system has no net force acting on it, that system will not change in speed or direction of motion. "A body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion." Without this law, skydiving could not exist, since, if gravity were not acting upon the skydivers they would continue moving in the direction the plane they jumped from was moving. Moreover, if there were no air resistance, then the skydivers would continue accelerating until they hit the ground. For objects falling through the air, the formula is represented as: psgV – pagV – FD = psVa Where: ps =The density of the falling object pa = The density of the air it’s falling in FD = The drag force g = The gravitational force V = The volume of the falling object. a = The acceleration of the falling

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