Father Son Bonding

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Women give birth almost every day from around the world, but some of my father do not encourage birth. Some others, while his father does not want to accidentally can not find the time to stay long enough. Some father can not afford to donate a family 's salary should keep a new extra fee. Parent leave leave due to the work of these male employees, private and public sector partners and a newborn. Most employers rarely spend time with your spouse and paid leave for male employees, or give birth to a child, or have an abortion, or adopt a child. Men who want to leave paternity to help the spouse in these conditions, usually through paid leave, such as sick leave or vacation. Although the recent increase in the number of men in the United States…show more content…
The process of bonding between father, mother and child is different. The bonding process is longer. Binding, but not limited to six weeks will gradually appear, so as not to take the water to develop. Thus, a dedicated father you must invest time to develop relationships and a newborn can grow at any stage of a child 's life. In the infancy of the father, the child (Parker) begets to hug, cuddle, sing and dance, and strike in the eyes. If the father is time to invest in bonds with children in infancy, the child will grow and maintain intimacy depending on maturity and strength. Children do not have relationships early with his father tends later to have difficulties in forming a connection with them in…show more content…
The law on leave for family and, I think, should include paid maternity leave. In other regions of the world, it provides childbirth and parental leave through the social security system. For example, in the Caribbean this month, all employees of the Social Insurance Fund, known as national insurance are deducted. The National Insurance will pay insurance premiums for employees in the same way that Americans receive social security benefits. If women give birth, and also be able to get maternity leave, the spouses can get parental leave to be considered a country to join the insurance. However, only a certain percentage of the salary is paid to the national health insurance, the rest of the salary paid by the employer. The rate is usually 35%, 65% of social security benefits from

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