Persuasive Essay On Parents

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Exam Essay A big question in today’s society, is should parents be able to choose who their kid dates, or should it be that child 's decision. Many people have argued yes, it should be the parents job to choose the right girl/guy for their child. But is that correctly accurate? Yes many parents should warn their kids on the person they are dating, but choosing them without consent from their child is a different thing. I feel like a parent should not tell their child who to date. Maybe who not too. Parents have the right to share their opinion especially when that relationship they are seeing is bad for their child. I feel like you shouldn’t date someone your family already disapproves of, because even if you hope that eventually they will approve of him/her they probably won’t you will just have lingering parents disapproval. Although it is that childs achievement to learn from the mistakes they have had. Based on many researches and proven facts according to the Live Science, ( teenagers were found more successful when they were able to date who they wanted. Why many have asked. Well if you think about it, many teenagers and young adults, for that matter, have dated one or more people who just were the complete opposite from right. It opened the eyes to the people who were confused on what person they should date. They learned right from wrong, or else said, learning from mistakes. In everyday life people
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